Analyst perspectives

Immersing yourself into everyday learning with great people

Paul Drenth, Associate Consultant, NL

Reflecting on my experiences from my degrees, internships, and travel, I concluded that a career in management consulting would energise…

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Creating impact with a great team

Harmco Dijkslag, Associate Consultant, NL

It has always been my goal to make a positive impact in all my undertakings. Many of my fellow students in my master track, Policy Economics, started their careers at…

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Overcoming new and exciting challenges every day

Xiao Zheng, Associate Consultant, NL

Reflecting on my time as a student I realised I have been unsure for a long time about what I wanted to do after studies. I have…

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A flying start

Anna Marisina, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

I have always struggled with first day nerves. First day of school. First day of university. But not my first…

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Becoming part of the EM family

Philip Knott, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

When thinking about job prospects and careers, it is a particular tendency of graduates to focus on what they want to spend their next 40 years…

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Ensuring a strong consulting toolkit is ready for application to real life problems

Jacob Scorey, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

Right from my first interview I was struck by how much Eden McCallum values its people. Communication between interviews was…

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Building a base of skills to tackle a variety of problems

Nick Ford, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

Through my degree studying maths and physics, and a year of work in consulting, I have always found myself searching…

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Working with incredible minds across industry

Nicola Wilde, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

Throughout my studies in Chemical Engineering I always enjoyed understanding how processes worked and relished the idea of my work…

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Fast learning from a range of projects and colleagues

Tijs de Boer, Eden McCallum Alumni, NL

The most exciting thing about consulting for me is the variety of work you do….

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Learning a broad range of skills in a collaborative environment

George Barbantan, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

Eden McCallum’s three-week analyst induction programme has been a great experience…

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Meeting my goals

Tom van der Horst, Eden McCallum Alumni, NL

When I came to the end of my studies I wanted to continue learning at a fast pace and meet…

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The right place for me

Bas Gerdsen, Eden McCallum Alumni, NL

The past few months have illustrated why Eden McCallum is the ideal place for me, for three reasons…

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Combining creativity with analytical rigour

Kate Wareing, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

Throughout my Classics degree, I always enjoyed the breadth and variety involved, with the ability to use both the qualitative and quantitative…

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A pivotal move

Nils Wickman, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

My instilled passion for global connections first unearthed as I was studying in London on a high school exchange program…

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Learning from incredible people in a fantastic culture

Rohan Gupta, Eden McCallum Alumni, UK

During my final year of my Engineering degree I had the unbidden thought that I didn’t want to become an Engineer. I was growing disillusioned with…

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The ideal environment to take major steps in my development

Matthias Hoezen, Eden McCallum Alumni, NL

During my studies I have always been wondering what the best profession would be to start my career. Since I have a broad..

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