Fast learning from a range of projects and colleagues

Tijs de Boer, Consultant, NL

Delft University of Technology
MSc, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics
BSc, Aerospace Engineering


The most exciting thing about consulting for me is the variety of work you do. Knowing that every few weeks or months you will be diving into a new challenge, with a new company, in a new industry, each with their own intricacies. My time at Eden McCallum has so far given me many different experiences. It could not have been more diverse: ranging from organisational optimisation at a large luxury retail company in the UK, to a three-year strategy at a small hydraulics company in the Netherlands.

Eden McCallum’s unique business model gives you the chance to not only work across a variety of industries but also with a range of people with many different backgrounds. Every project with someone new, but they all have a few things in common: extensive consulting experience, often line experience as well, and they offer you the ability to learn a lot based on their experience. I have been able to absorb best practices from their working and communication styles, and their problem-solving skills. Furthermore, because we do projects for smaller companies as well, the work ranges from multi-billion organisations to companies with less than 100m in turnover. All together, this exposure has helped me develop my consulting toolkit at a rapid pace.

The last thing I would like to highlight about my experience at Eden McCallum so far is the great office we work in. A great group of analysts, associate consultants, internal consultants and support, and partners, from whom I’ve received invaluable support and worked together on numerous internal projects. Besides working together and offering support, we have a lot of fun as well. Crazy dress up Christmas parties, table tennis competitions, and late night karaoke with the whole team. I’m excited about new experiences yet to come.