Serving 300+ clients globally
with 1500+ international consultants

Consulting redefined

We redefined consulting to make it better for clients and better for consultants. We analyse every project and hand-pick a team of experienced freelance consultants to tackle it. For clients, that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates. For consultants, it’s the freedom to focus purely on client issues. Simple in principle, radical in practice.

Astute clients

Our clients know what they want to achieve, and we offer them tailored teams of experienced consultants – typically twice as experienced as comparable teams from traditional firms. Working across strategy, operations, transformation and organisation, they ensure the project is owned by the client, and so are its outcomes. All at highly competitive rates.

Committed consultants

Our independent consultants, free from the internal demands of traditional firms, can focus on what really matters: delivering lasting impact. Our consultants opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering transformational change for the client, while being part of a strong team of like-minded professionals.

Client Perspectives

  • “Eden McCallum impresses on every level: the care they take in understanding and meeting client needs, the sheer quality of the consultants they select for assignments, and the genuine interest the whole team demonstrates in ensuring the outcome is successful – and sustainable.”
  • “Working with Eden McCallum we were not just on the receiving end of analysis; we went on a journey and created a strategy together. We had the time to sound out recommendations around the business which lead to broad support for taking a fundamentally different strategic path.”
  • “Eden McCallum are different: they bring the professional rigour you’d expect, but work in a more inclusive fashion – gentle on the surface, but steely underneath. They’re never afraid to challenge and they don’t allow us to duck difficult decisions, but do so with grace, sympathy and humour.”