We serve leading companies across the globe on their most pressing issues, from strategy to transformation. Our strategy work includes growth, digital, sustainability and M&A, and our transformation work encompasses operational performance improvement, organisation, and commercial effectiveness. We work with clients to answer the 'what' and the 'how', and to help them make it happen.


Growth Strategy

We work with major companies around the world on their growth strategies, including international growth, full potential and portfolio strategies. We support innovation and new product launches, as well as proposition development and customer insight.

Experience counts in developing growth strategies that are stretching but achievable. Our independent consultants, with their extensive industry and consulting backgrounds, work seamlessly with internal teams to deliver ambitious strategies rooted in deep knowledge of both the sector and the challenges of execution. Supported by our in-house analysts, our teams develop strategies based on experience and analytical rigour, and our collaborative approach ensures that they are truly owned by our clients.

Related case studies

Far-reaching strategy for a healthcare NGO

Supported this frontline healthcare charity to define and agree the 5-year strategy to maximise their impact

Our consultants developed a focused strategy that would enable greater impact with fewer resources, through intense focus. The clear and grounded strategy was ratified by trustees and management, and is now being implemented.

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International growth for a luxury brand

For a British luxury brand, developed the strategy to double the size of their US business.

We developed strategies by category, channel and customer segment, grounded in consumer and competitor research and in a detailed review of the brand’s sales performance. We also recommended operational changes and shaped the next steps for implementation.

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Breakthrough strategy for an ocean logistics player

Facilitated a game-changing internal strategy development process for this private equity- owned global ocean logistics provider, resolving years-long strategic dilemmas.

Drawing on deep internal expertise and extensive research, analysis and challenge, together we created a growth strategy to strengthen their core business and develop new adjacent service lines. We went on to shape a comprehensive plan to implement the new strategy, as well as the organisational change to deliver it.

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Adjacent market entry strategy in sustainable fuels

For a European biofuels producer, assessed the optimal approach to a potential expansion into sustainable aviation fuel [SAF]

We supported this client in a thorough assessment of options for entry into this adjacent market, to define the optimal go to market approach, and to prepare the business case, enabling the board to agree a way forward.

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Proposition development for a hotel chain

Developed a new B2B proposition for a major UK hotel operator, enabling business travellers to become their biggest segment.

The new proposition was designed to target companies and public sector departments with large workforces on the road, such as salesmen and field engineers. Our analysis and proposition development addressed specific needs and pain points in this segment, from bookings and expenses management, through to guest experience such as parking and check-in/out.

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International expansion for a hotels group

For a multi-national hotel company, developed an international growth strategy with the potential to double the size of the business.

We scanned international markets to identify those with the highest potential for our client’s brand, prioritised these based on a thorough assessment of performance drivers, and recommended potential alternative capital structures to fund the rollout. The client went on to accelerate their expansion, and today international is the main driver of corporate growth.

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Proposition development for a UK rail operator

Shaped a new premium offer for a major UK rail operator’s business passengers.

Drawing on research and conjoint analysis of customers and travel bookers, we developed a compelling opportunity to offer a service designed for the business traveller segment, addressing specific pain points at a premium price. We went on to detail the proposition and business case – from ticketing, to service, and car configuration – which became a central pillar in the franchise’s growth story.

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Strategy development for a specialist UK hospital

For a UK hospital specialised in neuro-disability, developed a strategy to deliver best-in-field treatment nationally and double in size.

Working closely with the CEO and his leadership team, we identified strategic options, evaluated them against criteria such as market positioning, critical success factors, financial impact and ease of implementation, and developed a 5-year action plan based on the strategic option selected: to embark upon an ambitious transformation from local specialist hospital, to national service and centre of excellence.

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Growth potential in diagnostics & outpatient services

Detailed a compelling growth story for a European healthcare provider, leading a minority investor to acquire the company.

We examined expansion opportunities within and beyond the company’s existing footprint of geographies, services, and modalities. This included assessing the impact of disruptive technologies, and evaluating the best routes to realizing the opportunities, whether organically or through M&A and partnerships. The investor acquired the company outright on the strength of our findings, and the growth plan was implemented, driving significant value.

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Sustainable engineering for a construction major

Supported a construction multinational’s route to market in Design for Manufacture and Assembly, at the leading edge of sustainable construction.

DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) has cost and carbon advantages over traditional construction methods. Our work assessed the future shape and direction of the industry to determine how the client could build on a bold investment in manufacturing capability to optimise their participation in the value chain. We then supported them to implement the strategy across their organisation, processes, and capabilities.

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Full potential strategy for a global law firm

Led a global strategy refresh for an international law firm’s transition to a new Managing Partner, underpinning a surge in performance.

Our robust assessment of the current position created a common view across the partnership of the business' strengths and pressing challenges; we then supported conversations across the leadership that developed shared beliefs, reconfirmed purpose and aspirations, and defined goals for the next three years, including where to play. We went on to refine the strategy in key areas, equipping the managing partner with a powerful blueprint for success.

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5-year full potential strategy for a luxury brand

For a PE-backed global luxury brand, developed a 5-year growth plan in preparation for a successful sale.​

​Following a turnaround, this rigorously prepared plan defined and validated the company’s growth strategy and full potential in Europe, the US and Asia. Developed in a highly collaborative process with management, the PE firm and bankers, the vision for success was grounded and aligned, leading to a broad range of buyers and an attractive valuation. ​

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Growth strategy for a home heating manufacturer

Supported a PE-backed manufacturer to double its market share in the wake of a major brand reputation setback.​

Our unpicking of the layers of influence on purchasing decisions, and insight into different players’ choices and perceptions, led to a thorough understanding of how and where to shift views and regain trust. This fuelled a dramatic recovery in market share and the PE-owner’s successful exit. ​

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Global turnaround strategy in building supplies

Rapidly delivered a global turnaround strategy for a builders merchant that ultimately trebled its share price.​

Our focused and pragmatic work, spanning 52 businesses in differing market conditions around the globe, delivered a clear blueprint for the company’s restructuring, and the client’s successful execution returned them to profitable growth. ​

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Category strategies in workplace skills training

For a workplace training provider facing the need to dramatically accelerate the shift to digital in the face of COVID-19 redeveloped their propositions to ensure a competitive offer in a fast-changing market.​

Our rigorous category-by-category review shaped a change programme spanning course content, pricing, duration, delivery channels and marketing, and was rolled out alongside major investments in digital and multichannel.​

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Expansion into Europe for a UK general retailer

Developed a robust European expansion plan for a fast-growing PE-backed retailer in the UK.​

Based on this rigorous international expansion roadmap and the grounded entry plan for the initial market, the client went on to demonstrate its growth potential with rapid store rollouts. The international growth story underpinned a successful sale of the business.​

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Growth strategy for a children’s services NGO

Growth strategy that turned around a major children’s services NGO, enabling them to invest in new areas and expand their impact for children.​ ​

In the highly fragmented UK children’s services sector, we mapped the market, assessed the clients’ position and their capabilities, and examined emerging government policy. We defined priority locations and subsectors, as well as the organisational and capability enhancements required to gain share. And we supported the client to develop a 3-year Strategic Plan together with key strategic objectives, measurements and a comprehensive roadmap.​

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Scaling up a parcel distribution innovator

For a specialised parcel delivery scale-up, we developed an expansion strategy and execution roadmap in close cooperation with founders and management, driving continued rapid growth. ​ ​

Taking a market and customer research-based approach, we identified the most attractive customer segments and international growth priorities, defining plans ruthlessly focused on areas of high growth and differentiated proposition, and supported a kickstart to the execution.

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Radical 2050 vision for a UK utility

For a leading UK utility, developed a radically ambitious and inspiring long-term vision and the strategy to make it happen.

This bold aspiration, supported by rigorous analysis, and developed in collaboration with staff at all levels, went on to become the 30-year roadmap, making profoundly transformational targets the new way forward.

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