Ensuring a strong consulting toolkit is ready for application to real life problems

Jacob Scorey, Associate Consultant, UK

Education: University of Oxford
BA, Economics and Management


Right from my first interview I was struck by how much Eden McCallum values its people. Communication between interviews was regular, this positive dialogue continued right up until joining and there has been constant support ever since. I feel Eden McCallum recognises the importance of strong relationships alongside building a broad consulting toolkit to ensure success for the individual, the business and our clients.  

Whilst studying Economics and Management I was always interested by strategy and looking at how, through using a series of frameworks, business solutions could be identified. However, whilst studying I was keen to discover how applicable such frameworks would be in real life and the training at Eden McCallum began the journey of understanding how theory works in practice. The three-week training programme at the start of the analyst programme was great in starting to bridge the gap in applying various frameworks to real life scenarios. This training is then supplemented by regular training sessions throughout the year, each focussing on different relevant skillsets to build up the consulting tools neededAlongside building these tools, I enjoy the exposure to the fact that it is ultimately people who drive business. Hence the approach taken and the tools used need to be adapted in the real world to ensure the conclusions drawn and plans rolled out are tailored to our clients needs and as such, will have a lasting and positive impact. 

It has been exciting to be able to put the different lessons learned into practice. The training sessions are also supported by the ability to learn on-the-job, something which Eden McCallum facilitates excellently. I believe this balance will be invaluable in moving forwards as the fundamental tools of consulting are complemented by practical hands-on experience. 

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