Our People

Eden McCallum is the first management consulting firm to serve clients with truly hybrid teams, comprised of independent consultants working alongside our in-house partners and analysts.

We use our 20+ years of experience to curate project teams that will deliver the best results for our clients.

Together, we deliver faster, deeper insight and lasting impact

Our independent consultants are more senior and experienced,  so they always take a pragmatic and collaborative approach.

Our in-house partners shape and lead every project, ensuring quality and consistency, and our in-house analysts provide the sharp horsepower to drive rigour.

Our Talent Team crafts each project team with the optimal combination of independent consultants and  in-house partners and analysts, ensuring the best skills, experience and ‘fit’ for our clients, and leverages our extensive expert network to bring unique expertise to each project.

Our work is supported by our Operations and Admin colleagues, who ensure efficiency and responsiveness.

Our in-house team

Our in-house team includes partners, who lead our client work; analysts and associate consultants, who work alongside our independent consultants; the Talent Team, who attract, select and curate our hybrid teams of independent consultants and experts, and Operations and Assistants, who keep it all running smoothly.

Meet our team

Independent Consultants

Our independent consultants are truly outstanding. They have experience from top tier management consulting firms and more than 9 in 10 also have had roles in industry, making them more experienced, pragmatic and collaborative. Their careers depend on doing great work for our clients, not selling the next project.

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We are constantly building our exceptionally talented pool of independent consultants and in-house team.

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