Working with us

What makes Eden McCallum unique is that all our projects are delivered by carefully crafted hybrid teams of experienced independent consultants, supported by our in-house analysts and led by our in-house partners. This combination of tailored experience, analytical rigour, and relationship continuity brings faster, deeper insight and lasting impact to our clients.

We start with the assumption that our clients know their business best

We designed Eden McCallum to make consulting better.
What does this mean for our clients?

  • We listen and respond to your needs, rather than doing all the talking
  • We shape the approach to suit your organisation’s needs and culture
  • We curate a hybrid team of independent consultants and our in-house analysts and partners, supported by a network of experts, to ensure we bring the right experience, fit, rigour and continuity to deliver outstanding results
  • We work collaboratively with you and your team so you own the answer
  • We focus on what matters, delivering faster, deeper insight and lasting impact

Our outstanding independent consultants are free to choose

The relationship we have with our independent consultants is the core of what makes Eden McCallum unique. Our consultants are free to choose to work with us and our clients, or not, on every project. We have to earn their respect and confidence every day. What does this mean for our consultants?

  • We invest in getting to know you as a whole person, and put you into situations where you will shine
  • We value all your experience, as do our clients
  • We recognise that team-mates make all the difference – in our teams you work with colleagues of similarly exceptional calibre and values
  • We release you to focus on what matters most: having lasting impact with clients on their most important issues

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