Learning a broad range of skills in a collaborative environment

George Barbantan, Associate Consultant, UK

University of Cambridge
BA & MEng Manufacturing Engineering


Eden McCallum’s three-week analyst induction programme has been a great experience. The core analytical tools were blended well with softer skills such as communication and feedback, laying a great foundation for the real-world of consulting projects. What sets the induction apart, however, is the group-led practice case that simulates a project and teaches first-hand the approaches for structuring a problem, developing hypotheses and conducting interviews with role-played clients. This intellectually challenging experience created a strong collaborative environment within the group and memorably reinforced the formal training sessions.

With training often being led by partner-level consultants and external trainers, it was clear that Eden McCallum takes our development very seriously and the frequent and personalised feedback sessions further entrusted awareness of our own strengths and growth areas. The relationships built through the office socials and the support of the buddy and mentoring system made me feel at home very quickly, with the confidence needed to take on my first project in the coming week!