Combining creativity with analytical rigour

Kate Wareing, Analyst, UK

Throughout my Classics degree, I always enjoyed the breadth and variety involved, with the ability to use both the qualitative and quantitative sides of my brain. Being intellectually challenged and being able to combine creativity with analytical rigour is something that I valued during my degree. I always wanted to carry on using a blend of skills in my career, doing work that was interesting, varied and constantly challenged me to improve. Management consultancy allows me to combine these priorities in a business context and I am looking forward to the challenges that await me.  

From the start of my correspondence with Eden McCallum, it was clear that the firm was a very supportive environment that placed emphasis on fostering strong relationships with their employees and their clients. Regular contact and feedback were a mainstay of the interview process and my experience thereafter has been no different. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Eden McCallum maintained regular contact with all the incoming analysts, inviting us along to numerous virtual pub quizzes which allowed us to virtually meet members of the firm even when in-person meetings were not feasible.   

The 3-week induction programme has been a whirlwind of new experiences. Aside from the opportunity to learn some of the hard and soft skills that are crucial parts of our consultant toolkit, we have also had the opportunity to bond as a cohort. Working alongside each other on a practice project has been a magnificent cocktail of hard work, fun and, most importantly, laughter. Having such intelligent and stimulating individuals as colleagues is what makes Eden McCallum such an enjoyable and exciting place to workI am now looking forward to the next stage in my Eden McCallum journey, furthering the skills that I have learnt over the last few weeks on both internal and client projects.