Immersing yourself into everyday learning with great people

Paul Drenth, Associate Consultant, NL

Delft University of Technology
MSc, Civil Engineering

University of Twente
BSc Civil Engineering

Reflecting on my experiences from my degrees, internships, and travel, I concluded that a career in management consulting would energise me most: solving complex puzzles in teams to deliver impact, all while facing new industries and challenges each time you start on a new project. In other words, developing hard skills and widely applicable knowledge. What more could you want to kick-start your career?

Well, Eden McCallum taught me that there is more to consulting than just the hard skills. It started during the interviews and hasn’t stopped since. Through the interviews I met the leadership team, all with extensive experience in management consulting. A goal of the interviews is to assess skills and experience. Throughout, however, I also experienced a sincere interest in me as a person. This personal touch convinced me that Eden McCallum was the place to be. During the three-week induction in London, this personal touch was confirmed to me over and over again. You are part of the team, from day one. The atmosphere results in a great energy which motivates and stimulates everybody in Eden McCallum to learn and get the most out of every day.

To me, Eden McCallum is the ideal starting point. It provides ample opportunity for formal as well as on-the-job training. These opportunities are great, but the people I am surrounded by make it a success. My recommendation from this experience is clear: find people who you feel at home with from day one, so that you can work and develop to the best of your ability.