Learning from incredible people in a fantastic culture

Rohan Gupta, Analyst, UK

During my final year of my Engineering degree I had the unbidden thought that I didn’t want to become an Engineer. I was growing disillusioned with extraordinary levels of detail, and I’ve always wanted to look at problems more generally. I think that a lot of this thinking was driven by my involvement with leading a University Sports Club. To my surprise, I found the strategic planning side and business management side fascinating. I realised that working in a challenging business environment at a high level and making key decisions was what I really enjoyed. Accordingly, I looked for a career that would provide me with challenges, flexibility and opportunities to learn. Unsurprisingly, there weren’t many that could provide everything I was looking for.  

When I first discovered Consulting, it seemed too good to be true. A job where I could use my analytical skills in a challenging and flexible environment and where I could learn and develop all at once was more than I had hoped forI remember applying to Eden McCallum mostly because of the challenging environment and exposure to a wide range of industries but also thanks to the online biographies as I wanted to work with genuinely nice people. I remember leaving my interviews thinking that I had just met some incredibly talented and genuine peopleWhat struck a chord with me was a clear drive not just to understand if I was a strong fit from my experience, but also to understand if I was a strong fit as a person 

Since starting as an Analyst, the themes of incredible talent and a fantastic culture have remained front and foremost. I am in constant amazement at everyone I work with and feel incredibly fortunate to be able to learn from them. As a cohort of Analysts from a variety of backgrounds we have bonded incredibly well, mostly thanks to all the team bonding and socials designed to help us work best together. Over our Induction process we have had the opportunity to form a close-knit team of people who recognise each other’s strengths and want to learn from each other  

I would wholeheartedly recommend Eden McCallum to anybody who wants to learn in a unique environment alongside incredible people.