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Nicola Wilde, Associate Consultant, UK

Education: University of Cambridge
MEng, Chemical Engineering
BA, Chemical Engineering


Reflecting upon my first year in Management Consulting with Eden McCallum, I have used and built upon many of the skills I learned during my studies in Chemical Engineering, as well as acquired new ones. Our initial induction covered multiple areas, some of which were more familiar than others. These included Excel and PowerPoint, data gathering tips, interviewing skills and giving and receiving feedback, to name just a few. Since those initial 3 weeks I have also received extensive finance and accounting training and got to grips with new software such as Tableau and Q. All of these have proved invaluable as I have embarked upon real client projects and activities. 

Immediately following induction, I worked on an organisational redesign for a PE owned veterinary group. We conducted staff surveys, synthesized their results, analysed their financials, visited and interviewed employees in practices across the UK (in a time before Covid, of course) and hosted workshops to establish how we could best adapt their current design for a sustainable future. This was a tremendous experience to draw upon my initial trainings as well as ear mark my next focus areas. 

As I am about to begin on my next project, just over a year since I started my first, my favourite aspect of consulting so far is the variety. Variety of clients, sectors, people, and, an especial perk of Eden McCallum, project teams – I most certainly have not done the same thing twiceEntering my second year, I look forward to the new experiences that await and the challenges they will present.  

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