Independent Consultants

We are constantly building our exceptionally talented pool of independent consultants, in all geographies and sectors, and at all levels from analyst through to partner.

Why work with us

Independent consulting with Eden McCallum gives you the best of all worlds:  high impact and intellectually stimulating projects for the world’s leading organisations, undertaken with the highest calibre team-mates, whilst maintaining control and flexibility over the work you choose to do.

Client impact: Our hybrid teams of outstanding independent consultants and in-house partners and analysts deliver faster, deeper insight for our clients.  Leveraging the extensive consulting and line experience of our consultants, we deliver pragmatic solutions that our clients own, and generate lasting impact.

Intellectually stimulating:  We work with clients on their most important business issues, from strategy to operations, organisation, and transformation.  Our clients are leading organisations in their sectors; they are demanding, and we thrive on their challenge.

Flexibility & Control:  You are free to work with us and our clients – or not – on every project.  This means genuine control over the clients you serve, the types of projects you undertake, and the timing of the work you do.

High calibre teams:  Our hybrid teams of outstanding independent consultants and in-house partners and analysts ensure that you are always learning and developing, and enjoying the camaraderie, stimulation, rigour and challenge of the highest calibre teammates.

Our promise

The relationship we have with our consultants is the core of what makes Eden McCallum unique; we are committed to ensuring that you have a great experience working with us and our clients. In addition to providing you with impactful, stimulating work and exceptionally talented teams, we:

  • Invest in getting to know you as a whole person so that you are placed into situations where you will shine
  • Value all your experience, including everything you might have done outside consulting, as do our clients
  • Recognise that strong teammates make all the difference, so ensure you are working with colleagues of similarly exceptional calibre
  • Release you from in-house responsibilities and politics, enabling you to focus unencumbered on client work
  • Don’t expect you to ‘sell’ another project; only to do great work on this one

Typical profile of our consultants

• All of our consultants have worked for top management consulting firms, predominantly McKinsey, Bain and BCG, as well as other leading firms. A minimum of 2 years' experience with one of these firms is required, preferably within the last 5-10 years
• Most have also worked in line roles, whether in large corporates or start-ups
• Strong problem solving and stakeholder engagement skills
• Strong team player with high levels of integrity, humility and humour

Our application process

1. Complete an online application form and upload your CV We will review this and determine if you are likely to be a good fit for our Talent Pool.

2. If so: Video and/or F2F interview with a member of our Talent Team and/or Client Partner; and complete our online Profile Form (specifying the recency and depth of your experience by sector & function)

3. If we believe we are likely to have imminent project work for you: one telephone reference (e.g., Partner from your former consulting firm) with the second being taken when we have a ‘live’ project opportunity for you.

independent consultants
1 in 10
who apply are selected
have industry & consulting experience
Working in an Eden McCallum team allows me to achieve faster and more effective change – thanks to the experience in the client and consultant teams, and the integrated way of working together. In the end, the client really owns the outcome.

Independent Consultant
Former Marakon Principal
The quality and range of opportunities that Eden McCallum delivers is fantastic, but what sets it apart for me is the project approach and the people. Eden McCallum works hard to understand what the client really wants and needs. This means we are working towards defined goals with a clear pathway.

Independent Consultant
Former L.E.K. Consultant
I’ve found that on Eden McCallum projects you consistently get a great team spirit. The independents working with Eden McCallum tend to be quite senior and have their own careers, and consequently you don’t have internal competition standing in the way of working as a team.

Independent Consultant
Former BCG Principal
With Eden McCallum I get to choose the projects I work on, based on where I can contribute most value, where my interests lie and how it fits with my activities as an investor. The projects are of high quality: interesting work that is high on the client's C-level agenda. I am truly impressed with the quality of Eden McCallum's people - from the internal support teams to the analysts they staff alongside project managers on projects - absolutely top notch!

Independent Consultant
Former Bain Senior Manager
Eden McCallum offers me the possibility of working on a wide range of projects, with interesting client issues to resolve. Most of the work is client facing and doesn’t stay at the strategic level, often moving to implementation. The talent, the knowledge base and working environment are great, meaning you end each project with better skills than you came in with.

Independent Consultant
Former Monitor Consultant
It has been great working as part of an Eden McCallum consulting team. The results achieved as part of a collaborative team which has both individual excellence and great analyst prowess always produces work to be proud of.

Independent Consultant
Former L.E.K. Consultant
As a Senior Leader in an organization, your flexibility diminishes. Setting up my own business provides me with the possibility to choose where, with whom and when I work and helps me focus on my core expertise. Eden McCallum is a great partner enabling this with excellent clients and accomplished, brilliant experts in their network

Independent Consultant
Former BCG Principal
Eden McCallum genuinely invests in relationships and the long term. The effects of this are apparent in a very strong client list, both blue chips and interesting new entrants, as well as in an excellent quality mix of work, backed by a very high average quality talent pool, both in terms of skills but also motivation and flexibility. I appreciate the mechanics, in terms of well scoped and resourced projects, access to industry and functional experts, high standards of billing and IT infrastructure as well as the community elements, such as consultant events and the NGO partnership.

Independent Consultant
Former McKinsey Manager
When I work on Eden McCallum projects, I enjoy being part of a great team, but feel less restricted by the ‘big firm’ responsibilities typical for a Partner: I don’t have a sales target, I do not have to spend time on any committees, and there is no pressure to publish articles or to formally develop other consultants outside the project team. I get to focus my time and energy on the part of consulting I love the most: working with clients on their most important issues and guiding teams of extraordinarily talented consultants to deliver great work.

Independent Consultant
Former Cap Gemini Partner
With Eden McCallum I get to work with the best consultants on really challenging client issues, but on my terms: instead of fitting into the model, I get to fit my Eden McCallum work around the whole portfolio of professional and personal activities I’m driving forward in my life.

Independent Consultant
Former McKinsey Partner
Eden McCallum's unique model of combining people who bring a robust consulting approach with experts who bring deep, senior industry experience offers unparalleled value to clients. And, it makes working on the projects much more enjoyable. The day-to-day rhythm is very similar to any other major consulting firm, and the projects I have worked on at Eden McCallum have been high priority projects for some of the UK's leading companies

Independent Consultant
Former Oliver Wyman Consultant
If I think about the type of team that I am typically involved in, it’s a team of grown-ups…. to the client it makes a difference in two ways, I’d say: one way is in terms of quality of client interaction – an Eden McCallum team drops onto client site and can gel with the management team very, very quickly. The other element is the practicality and pragmatism of solutions.

Independent Consultant
Former Bain Principal
The quality of Eden McCallum’s projects is highly attractive. I have helped answer important, challenging and very interesting strategic questions for market leaders across the globe. The flexibility that the Eden McCallum model offers makes a consultant lifestyle sustainable for me and my family.

Independent Consultant
Former Bain Consultant
The Eden McCallum model is fantastic for both clients and consultants – the right talent can be assembled on demand, to bring an amazing depth of expertise to solve the problem and create value. The talent on projects often involves consultants with a mix of consulting and corporate experience which provides a practical solution for clients. In addition, the high standard of the EM Analyst pool provides amazing support to projects. Personally, the flexibility of the independent working model also means I can balance work with family commitments easily, and flex from zero to full time when I need to.

Independent Consultant
Former BCG Manager
Working with Eden McCallum I can give my complete attention to delivering an excellent result for the client. It allows me total clarity of purpose.

Independent Consultant
Former MAC Group/Gemini Consulting Vice President
A consistent high point of working with Eden McCallum is the colleagues I work with. Not only are they all great people who always gel into a high-performing team immediately, they are inspiringly diverse. Alongside their consulting work, they may also be magistrates, writers, entrepreneurs or investors. That ensures that we all bring different viewpoints and ideas and makes working in a team environment dynamic and valuable.

Independent Consultant
Former L.E.K. Consultant