Creating impact with a great team

Harmco Dijkslag, Analyst, NL

It has always been my goal to make a positive impact in all my undertakings. Many of my fellow students in my master track, Policy Economics, started their careers at the government or at a supranational organization. I chose to take a different path. During an internship in Kenya I experienced that although a government has an important facilitating role in an economy, business is what really makes a country grow. From that point onwards I knew I would like to pursue a career making impact in the private sector, though it was still a question: where? Having always enjoyed using my analytical skills to solve complex problemsI got on the consulting track. The beauty of consulting is that as a consultant you get the opportunity to make an impact on a diverse set of businessesThe first time I met Eden McCallum was during an online inhouse event. In spite of the event being virtual I got a good impression what sets Eden McCallum apart from other consultancies and I also got the opportunity to spend a full hour with one of the Associate Consultants. A week later I had an informal chat with an Analyst, who was also very willing to share his experiences. This attitude of openness and genuine interest is what Eden McCallum has shown all through the interview process as well. The interviews are not only about solving a case, but there is also a lot of space for you to get to know the partners and for them to get to know you. During this time, I found out that Eden McCallum is not only a very interesting workplace, but also employs great people. Thus, I was glad to be able to join this company.  

So far, my experiences confirm that I made the right choice. During the three-week induction period I enjoyed the open and challenging environment where I got to learn both hard skills and soft skills that will be very helpful becoming an excellent consultant and I got to know the firm even better. I am confident to start the with the real work and I am looking forward to creating an impact with people who are not only ambitious and smart, but also very pleasant colleagues.