The ideal environment to take major steps in my development

Matthias Hoezen, Analyst, NL

During my studies I have always been wondering what the best profession would be to start my career. Since I have a broad range of interests, I always felt like I had many options to choose from. For many of my fellow graduates in Financial Economics and Law, the decision to go work for a bank was easily made. However, strongly felt that becoming a strategy consultant would suit me better. Helping organisations in diverse industries on multiple levels was the intellectual challenge I was looking for. 

After receiving an offer at Eden McCallum, I did not hesitate to accept it. The interviews had been exceptionally enjoyable. Obviously, some questions could be challenging, but the case interviews were intriguing issues without exception. Furthermore, I experienced a genuine interest in me personally. 

With the induction just behind us, I just became more excited to work on real projects. In your first three weeks at Eden McCallum, you start with your fellow new joiners on an intensive training programme. The schedule consists of formal trainings, like problem-solving skills and influencing techniques, but also plenty of social activities to interact with all your new colleagues, both from the UK and the Dutch office.  

A month after joining, I could not imagine a more comfortable and enjoyable start of my career. Despite the Covid measures, I got to know everybody at the office and feel like full member of the team. I look forward to the upcoming years at Eden McCallum and the exciting challenges ahead.