We work with leading companies across all sectors, from retail/consumer to industrials, healthcare, financial services, tech, media, telecoms, utilities, B2B services and public sector.


Industrials & Manufacturing

We work with leading industrial and manufacturing companies and smaller innovators. Our clients range from manufacturers of food ingredients and basic materials to electronics and high tech space equipment. We support them on international expansion, commercial strategy and pricing, organisational transformation, innovation function reorganisation, cost reduction through process redesign, manufacturing footprint optimsation and digital transformation.

Related case studies

Supply chain improvement for a chemicals player

Supported a PE-owned multinational to identify significant cost savings in Warehousing and logistics operations, and to design the transformation.

Our expert team built on deep industry knowledge and detailed analysis to bottom out robust savings opportunities and design a complete transformation programme to deliver these efficiencies over 6-8 months.

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Crisis management in an industrial supply chain

Supported this chemicals producer to rapidly resolve a major operations crisis in a key warehouse in Europe.

In a paralysed warehouse that had recently gone live with a third party logistics partner, we rapidly diagnosed and addressed issues across information feeds, order prioritisation, picking, shipping and distribution, leaving a smoothly functioning operation and a restored collaboration between our client and their logistics partner.

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Growth strategy for a home heating manufacturer

Supported a PE-backed manufacturer to double its market share in the wake of a major brand reputation setback.​

Our unpicking of the layers of influence on purchasing decisions, and insight into different players’ choices and perceptions, led to a thorough understanding of how and where to shift views and regain trust. This fuelled a dramatic recovery in market share and the PE-owner’s successful exit. ​

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Outside-in DD of a Japanese conglomerate

For a large investment manager, conducted outside-in due-diligence on a Japanese conglomerate thought to be underperforming its potential.​ ​

An assessment of the conglomerate’s 10+ businesses and their markets was followed by deep dives on the 5 most attractive ones to identify the potential for these businesses and the options to unlock that value.​

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Building a customer-centric organisation

For a world-leading chemicals player, supported the transition from product-led to customer-centric organisation.​

Working closely with client teams we developed structural options and business cases, detailed priority options, and manned the implementation PMO that drove their successful transition to the target model. ​

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Vendor due diligence in machine parts cleaning

Commercial due diligence for a private equity-backed specialist cleaning provider, shaping a compelling and robust assessment to underpin a successful sale. ​ ​

Based on diligent research and analysis, our grounded assessment of the industry’s size and our client’s potential supported a strong case for the continued profitable growth of the business - into the white space our work identified.​

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E-business launch for a manufacturing multinational

For this global ingredients player developed an integrated roadmap to enter a high-potential adjacent digital market, and went on to support their launch.

Following a series of farsighted investments by the client in a new and burgeoning digitally-enabled D2C market, our team developed a structured strategy and investment plan for an ambitious buildout. We went on to support their launch through piloting and the first stages of rollout.

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Sales effectiveness in specialty chemicals

Supported a specialty chemicals manufacturer in optimising their sales operations to deliver ambitious growth. ​

Our work, across an international group of hitherto highly autonomous sales operations, step-changed commercial excellence globally, including new customer segmentation and targeting methodology, consistent ways of working, reorganised teams, and sharpened KPIs. ​

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Commercial due diligence in additive manufacturing

Due diligence in a niche additive manufacturing sector with evolving technology, determining the true potential for a PE target.​

This scenario-based project, grounded in a solid fact-base and acquired understanding of this particular technology and its future use-cases, unpacked and assessed long-predicted sector hockey-stick growth to build a robust view on the future outlook, the target’s ability to capture it, and the cash requirement to achieve that growth. ​

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Reorganisation PMO for a chemicals player

Supported this chemicals player's implementation of a new customer-centric organisation structure. ​ ​

As PMO leads we recruited the teams to lead the transition, led key workstreams, and consolidated across them. Our teams developed and rolled out detailed BU, regional and operational designs, and the supporting systems and processes, driving successful transition to the new organisation.​

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