Vendor due diligence in machine parts cleaning

Commercial due diligence for a private equity-backed specialist cleaning provider, shaping a compelling and robust assessment to underpin a successful sale. ​ ​

Based on diligent research and analysis, our grounded assessment of the industry’s size and our client’s potential supported a strong case for the continued profitable growth of the business - into the white space our work identified.​


After a tumultuous investment history, this machine parts cleaning provider was delivering solid growth and improved profitability. Its PE owner wanted a compelling case for the company’s true potential to communicate to buyers as they prepared for sale of the business. 

The industry was poorly covered by standard reports, so a robust fact base on the addressable market, the core drivers of growth, and our client’s ability to capture these was needed in order to achieve the true value of this asset.


We moved fast and pragmatically, building on an initial fact base we had developed for the client when working on their European full potential growth strategy.

Through extensive primary research with current, former and potential customers, we built a clear understanding of propensity and reasons to buy the service, and to retain or switch suppliers.

We combined these insights with extensive desk research and interviews to develop a robust market sizing, identify clear opportunities for growth, and make well-evidenced forecasts at a sector, product and service level.  


The business’ potential inspired an unexpectedly large number of potential buyers to participate in the detailed diligence process, and the PE firm realized an attractive price for the asset. The company continues to grow profitably, converting the white space identified in the VDD.