Growth strategy for a home heating manufacturer

Supported a PE-backed manufacturer to double its market share in the wake of a major brand reputation setback.​

Our unpicking of the layers of influence on purchasing decisions, and insight into different players’ choices and perceptions, led to a thorough understanding of how and where to shift views and regain trust. This fuelled a dramatic recovery in market share and the PE-owner’s successful exit. ​


Our client, at the time a PE-backed manufacturer of home heating products, had suffered a major setback from a poor quality product which had damaged its brand reputation several years previously. Having addressed the product issues, they now had one of the best products in the market, but installer, distributor and customer misgivings persisted, stalling market share.

Management sought our support to develop a strategy to double their share of the market over the next 3-5 years.


The work focussed on understanding the value chain of purchase, to unpick the influences on purchase decisions, followed by in-depth research with the key players. The team interviewed and surveyed distributors/wholesalers, whose advice influences the brand choice of the heating engineers who install the product, and the heating engineers themselves, who strongly influence consumers’ brand choice. We developed insight into all players’ key buying criteria, their perceptions of our client and its competitors, and what it would take to shift their views and loyalty.


The research, combined with analysis of competitors’ propositions and the business’s economics, led to a clear installer segmentation, and a detailed strategy targeting the segments most willing to revise their views and reengage with the brand. 

Over three years, the client doubled its market share and the PE firm successfully exited to a strategic buyer. 

We supported a subsequent strategic review which led to another c.30% increase in market share, taking our client into a market leading position.