E-business launch for a manufacturing multinational

For this global ingredients player developed an integrated roadmap to enter a high-potential adjacent digital market, and went on to support their launch.

Following a series of farsighted investments by the client in a new and burgeoning digitally-enabled D2C market, our team developed a structured strategy and investment plan for an ambitious buildout. We went on to support their launch through piloting and the first stages of rollout.


Our client had made a visionary acquisition and series of investments in a D2C digital market still in its infancy and with strong links with their core B2B business. A successful buildout had the potential to create a market in the hundreds of millions of dollars for the client’s solutions.

We were brought in to support them in developing a fully-integrated strategy and roadmap for how to successfully launch and expand the business.


The team developed a highly structured strategic storyline, pulling together a complex consumer and competitor marketplace, determining precisely how and where to play, and cutting a clear path for how to get there.

We then developed the strategy storyline into an internal investment pitch deck, including financial performance projections, key milestones and investment requirements, requirements for success, and a high-level product roadmap.


The ambitious plan and significant investment required were endorsed by the board, and the client embarked on the roadmap.

We later returned to support the teams through concept development, piloting, and the first stages of rollout.