Our sustainability work with clients
focuses on 6 key areas

Corporate sustainability strategy

Assessing the business risks and opportunities stemming from environmental and social issues. Helping companies to define and implement adaptation and growth strategies

Sustainable mobility

Encouraging the adoption of new technologies and policies aimed at dramatically reducing the environmental pollution caused by transporting people and goods

Sustainable energy

Decarbonising energy generation through the development of renewable energy and clean technologies, as well as carbon capture

Sustainable resource productivity

Improving the management of resources to safeguard the environment and communities. Identifying cost and other efficiencies by reducing energy requirements, minimising waste, and maximising recycling and reuse

Sustainable built environment

Developing strategies to improve the performance of buildings and infrastructure from an ESG perspective, including energy efficiency, carbon issues, and whole-life costs

Sustainable investing

Developing investment strategies that couple competitive financial returns with wider environmental and social benefits