Industry-wide sustainability review for a mining company

Reviewed sustainability approaches across the jewellery value chain for a major industry report, on behalf of this leading player

We combined qualitative market analysis on the supply side with the client’s consumer research to provide definitive insights on developments in sustainability across the sector. The published report bolstered our clients’ mission and helped build the case for sustainable working across the industry.


This major mining company engaged us to look specifically at the question of sustainability as part of a wide-ranging published industry report.

We were tasked with gathering and evaluating the major sustainability innovations in the jewellery sector, analysing sustainability’s influence on consumer purchasing habits, and assessing the impact of new ESG propositions to address these consumer challenges.


Our lead consultant gathered insights from desk research and interviews with market participants and experts, and worked with the CEO, strategy director and senior management to shape the report.

The analysis highlighted the high degree to which sustainability is driving consumers’ purchasing decisions in this sector, making responsible working a necessity. It showcased major innvations across the industry, from climate change to nature conservation and new technologies supporting ethical sourcing and traceability. And it outlined ways to meet the expectations of customers and raise standards right across the value chain.


The published report highlighted the critical business need and strategic opportunity to embrace ESG, underpinning the ethical requirement to do so. It also made the case for an industry-wide effort in making and measuring meaningful change.

Proud to have shone a light with this report, we celebrate the industry’s subsequent sharpened focus on traceablility, ethical sourcing, and circularity.