Accelerated the transition to timber construction in Europe

Supported the launch of an NGO dedicated to accelerating the timber building transformation in Europe.

On behalf of a family foundation focused on fighting climate change and social inequality by inspiring industry to harness its power for good and now turning its attention to the building industry, we developed the prospective NGO’s proposition, the investment proposal for funders, the operating model and the implementation plan, and went on to support their successful launch. ​


Our client was a family-owned foundation that works with industry participants to harness its power for good: fighting climate change and social inequality.  

Having already had success in the fashion industry, the foundation had chosen Construction to impact next. To this end, they had set up a network and accelerator fund focused on accelerating Europe’s timber building transformation. 

The foundation sought consulting support to detail the proposition, develop the investment proposal for funders, shape the operating model, and manage the launch.


We led structured discussions with key foundation stakeholders around purpose, how best to deliver, and the resulting target operating model. Our consultants, with deep planning and construction backgrounds, brought sector insight that helped inform the options and their viability.

Following the initial design phase, one of our senior strategists stayed on and worked with a PMO expert to plan and run the launch over 6 months. This included close work with the foundation’s core team and with external providers, from marcomms for the launch, to headhunters to recruit individual staff.


The new NGO was launched successfully at COP26 in 2021, and continues to build its global network and fund, successfully broadening its funding base beyond its founders. It has already awarded grant funding to a series of exciting projects.

We are proud to have supported its mission to accelerate the timber transition, radically reducing embodied carbon, safely storing carbon in our buildings for generations, and sequestering carbon by championing forest stewardship and regeneration.