Focused sustainability impact for a leading scientific body

Worked with this professional body to define and articulate a targeted sustainability strategy

Worked with the leadership and stakeholders of this influential organisation for which sustainability is a key imperative, to develop a strategy to harness their resources for maximum impact, both internally and across their field.


Our client is the leading professional body in a scientific field that holds the potential for significant sustainability impact.

In the context of its purpose, global influence, and a long history of sustainability-related initiatives, the organisation had identified sustainability as a strategic imperative.
They sought Eden McCallum’s support to define an explicit sustainability strategy and agreed narrative to maximise impact, both internally and across the broader scientific community.


Our team of expert sustainability consultants worked closely with internal leads and stakeholders over the course of a year, providing structure, guidance, analysis, and insight.

We first developed a fact base, drawing together existing sustainability activities, comparator insights, and stakeholder priorities. Together we then defined a strategic blueprint setting out where and how to focus resources, including key goals, activities and milestones, and recommendations on internal governance. We also co-developed an overarching sustainability narrative – crucial for effective internal and external engagement.


Our work together provided this science-led body and its wide group of stakeholders and constituents with an agreed, focused and evidence-based sustainability strategy, and a compelling story with which to communicate and amplify their efforts.

The organisation immediately adopted the recommendations; this included launching a cross-organisational group to roll out the plan, coordinate existing sustainability activities, and evaluate new ones, and initiating partnership discussions with a view to amplifying impact across the sector.