Sustainable growth strategy in agriculture

Worked with an international animal feed and fertilizer supplier to reshape their business for sustainable growth. ​

We worked with the Board and regional teams to design, bottom-up, the global strategy that would enable them to deliver on visionary sustainability and circularity objectives.​


In the face of seismic future market changes, our client, with a long history in traditional agriculture feed and fertilizer supply, wanted to lead the charge: to become a driving force in making sustainable agriculture work. 

Their traditional business and stakeholders were divided between future thinkers and sceptics. And a major reshaping of the business was required over the next 3-5 years to ready it to deliver on the Board’s visionary sustainability and circularity objectives.


The Board initiated a strategy development process to be led by regional leaders. As programme managers, we worked with the client’s regional teams to develop the strategy bottom up, in a structured, grounded process, bringing focused outside knowledge to specific topics as required.

And in spite of pockets of resistance, the regions met the challenge, together building the overarching global strategy and consolidated financial projection, with clearly defined initiatives and priorities, to deliver the Board’s vision.


Ratified by the regional leaders, Board and Supervisory Board, the strategy was translated into granular financial and non-financial targets, and became the Board’s “roadmap”.