Strategic roadmap for an ESG data provider

For an ESG data provider focused on supply chain traceability, developed strategic options to move into adjacent themes, particularly ‘Environmental.’

The fast-shifting world of ESG reporting was presenting threats and opportunities to our client, for decades a market leader reporting on social and human rights in the supply chains of consumer and retail multinationals. We provided a thoroughgoing market assessment and shaped a roadmap for the client to develop from core strengths into new themes, maintaining its competitive position.


For decades a leader in its field, this ESG data provider, focused on supply chain information on social and human rights for a retail and consumer product multinationals, was facing rapid shifts in its market. The sharp global increase in focus on ESG data, particularly when it came to climate change, presented them with potential threats and opportunities.

They were eager to understand the new developments in depth, and figure out how best to respond, in order to maintain their competitive position.


Our team surveyed the whole ESG reporting market and its drivers, from consumer expectations to investor focus, regulation, and technology. We segmented customers based on data/remediation needs and as leaders/developers/followers. With a focus on opportunities for the client to build on existing strengths to grow, in particular into sustainability and related themes, the team developed a set of strategic options for where, and how, to play.

From here we developed a strategic roadmap: a phased approach to building out from core strengths into new thematic areas and customer groups, according to clear milestones and decision points, and based on robust and growing internal capabilities.


The strategic roadmap established confidence that the client could not only maintain its position but significantly grow its impact.

With a fundamental understanding of the market from every angle, and a structured sequence of workstreams and decision points, they were now able to move forward into the broader market with clarity.