Global turnaround strategy in building supplies

Rapidly delivered a global turnaround strategy for a builders merchant that ultimately trebled its share price.​

Our focused and pragmatic work, spanning 52 businesses in differing market conditions around the globe, delivered a clear blueprint for the company’s restructuring, and the client’s successful execution returned them to profitable growth. ​


Following a major market downturn the new CEO of this global builders’ merchant sought a turnaround strategy to reset the business onto a path of market leading profitability. With 52 businesses facing mixed market conditions and positions around the world, the CEO needed a quick assessment of the portfolio – where to invest, improve and cull.  

A former partner in a leading traditional consultancy, the CEO knew precisely what he wanted. And with the business just emerging from a major cost reduction, the project needed to work seamlessly with his top teams, bringing minimal upheaval and high levels of commercial pragmatism.


Our small joint team worked from the centre to gather and analyse the market and internal performance of all 52 businesses. 

After they established an initial view based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, a smaller number of businesses were prioritised for further review to determine the optimal strategy, with teams then set up in the US, France and the UK.  

At the end of this short sharp 8-week sprint, the client had a clear blueprint for the entire portfolio of businesses. 


The restructuring programme was successfully executed over 5 years, with several businesses exited and others transformed into highly profitable growth engines, resulting in the share price more than trebling over the period.

We continued to work with the CEO and his leadership team internationally, providing targeted support to drive performance improvement in businesses in Canada, the US, France, the UK, and the Netherlands.