Radical 2050 vision for a UK utility

For a leading UK utility, developed a radically ambitious and inspiring long-term vision and the strategy to make it happen.

This bold aspiration, supported by rigorous analysis, and developed in collaboration with staff at all levels, went on to become the 30-year roadmap, making profoundly transformational targets the new way forward.


The new CEO of one of the UK’s largest utilities wanted to set a bold vision for the company and a credible strategy to get there. The vision had to address massive operational, social and environmental challenges, while at the same time meeting investors’ expectations for target returns and delivering value for money for customers. And it needed to be developed without the top team losing focus on delivering an urgent turnaround of the business.


We agreed a radical approach to the project, based on ‘thinking the unthinkable’, unconstrained by current ways of working or scale of change required – if an option could be delivered now, with current know-how and technology, it was not ambitious enough. Our team worked in collaboration with staff at many levels and with external experts, taking a hypothesis-led approach. Options were quickly developed and then stretched, challenged, and quantified, iterating with the executive to ensure the thinking stayed at the peak of ambition.


Together we set transformational targets that will impact every part of the organisation, benefit all customers, reshape relationships with external stakeholders, and achieve target returns for shareholders, as well as deliver enormous social and environmental benefits.

The vision was endorsed by the Board and communicated widely to stakeholders. The organisation went on to build the roadmap to make it happen, making the ‘unthinkable’ the new way forward.