Proposition development for a UK rail operator

Shaped a new premium offer for a major UK rail operator’s business passengers.

Drawing on research and conjoint analysis of customers and travel bookers, we developed a compelling opportunity to offer a service designed for the business traveller segment, addressing specific pain points at a premium price. We went on to detail the proposition and business case – from ticketing, to service, and car configuration – which became a central pillar in the franchise’s growth story.


The CEO of a major UK rail operator faced an urgent need to demonstrate that they had a compelling vision for growth and innovation.

The hypothesis was that there was an opportunity to create a new travel class option for its long-distance train services, addressing the needs of business travelers in a way never before achieved in the industry.


Our team engaged with market research specialists to analyse customer needs, test options, and round out a proposition.

Conjoint analysis with customers and business travel bookers confirmed the opportunity to eliminate many of the pain points business travellers experienced, and to offer the service at an attractive premium.

Working with internal teams, we then created the business case for introducing the new proposition, including the impact it would have on the configuration of rolling stock.


The CEO and management team embraced the emerging proposition, which successfully demonstrated their vision and innovation to  major stakeholders, and became a central part of their growth story.