Scaling up a parcel distribution innovator

For a specialised parcel delivery scale-up, we developed an expansion strategy and execution roadmap in close cooperation with founders and management, driving continued rapid growth. ​ ​

Taking a market and customer research-based approach, we identified the most attractive customer segments and international growth priorities, defining plans ruthlessly focused on areas of high growth and differentiated proposition, and supported a kickstart to the execution.


An innovative startup providing same and next day delivery services was looking to create a clear growth plan for a new funding round. We worked closely with the founders and leadership team to critically assess its opportunity space and carve out a prioritised scale-up growth path. 


Together with the client team, our experienced consultants objectively assessed the client’s proposition and competitive positioning in the market and, based on market research and customer interviews, helped to identify the most attractive ecommerce segments fitting our client’s proposition. We detailed a range of growth and (operational) profitability scenarios, and defined the preferred growth path and required commercial and pricing strategy. 


The resulting strategy was ruthlessly focused on the higher growth and more profitable areas of the market, where our client had a truly differentiated proposition vs. the large incumbent competitors. 

To kickstart execution, the team created a week-by-week plan for the first quarter, detailing the organisational scale-up plan, including recruiting priorities and timing of the most urgent strategic, operational and technology initiativesOur client’s rapid growth continues, and they recently secured new funding.