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Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

Our key clients in travel and leisure are well-recognised international hotel chains, specialist travel companies, destination attractions, restaurant and pub groups, fitness chains, and gaming companies. We develop strategies focused on international growth, new concepts and formats, new customer acquisition, loyalty, and proposition development. We also work with them to improve commercial or operational performance, as well as target operating model design and post-merger integration.

Related case studies

Proposition development for a hotel chain

Developed a new B2B proposition for a major UK hotel operator, enabling business travellers to become their biggest segment.

The new proposition was designed to target companies and public sector departments with large workforces on the road, such as salesmen and field engineers. Our analysis and proposition development addressed specific needs and pain points in this segment, from bookings and expenses management, through to guest experience such as parking and check-in/out.

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Procurement optimisation for a leisure group

For a multi-brand leisure company, led a procurement diagnostic that delivered over 7% savings across the business.

Working with a proven procurement diagnostic framework, through analyses and workshopping with procurement staff we honed in on the priority areas of opportunity, and ultimately identified £55m of annual savings off a £750m addressable spend. We went on to programme manage the implementation, support specific workstreams and negotiations, and train teams to ensure skills transfer.

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International expansion for a hotels group

For a multi-national hotel company, developed an international growth strategy with the potential to double the size of the business.

We scanned international markets to identify those with the highest potential for our client’s brand, prioritised these based on a thorough assessment of performance drivers, and recommended potential alternative capital structures to fund the rollout. The client went on to accelerate their expansion, and today international is the main driver of corporate growth.

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Digital transformation for a health club chain

Mapped a new digital customer journey for a fitness group making a fundamental shift in its relationships with its customers.

We supported this international group of fitness clubs to develop, test and implement an app that lifted their engagement with customers from solely in-club interactions, to wider healthy lifestyle management. We mapped the ‘to be’ customer journey at every stage, detailing the proposition, steps to implement, and KPIs. The app trialled and successfully launched in a first territory, and was rolled out across other markets.

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Proposition development for a UK rail operator

Shaped a new premium offer for a major UK rail operator’s business passengers.

Drawing on research and conjoint analysis of customers and travel bookers, we developed a compelling opportunity to offer a service designed for the business traveller segment, addressing specific pain points at a premium price. We went on to detail the proposition and business case – from ticketing, to service, and car configuration – which became a central pillar in the franchise’s growth story.

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Integration reset for a global hotel operator

For a top 5 global hotel operator, turned around a failing merger integration programme to deliver on synergies and forge a new international brand.

Our experienced team set the integration back on course, by resetting the programme’s structure, governance, objectives, timescales and measures, and by successfully bridging the parent company’s needs to maximise value with the expectations of the acquiree management team.

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Payments strategy for a global airline

Developed a strategy for this international airline’s payments operations, shaping a potential £50m revenue uplift and £10-20m cost reduction.

We assessed the customer journey vs. their future needs and developed initiatives to significantly upgrade the customer experience, embed a multi-acquirer strategy, reduce fees to existing acquirers, and define a new payments system architecture.

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Business-wide cost reduction for a UK restaurant group

For one of UK’s largest casual dining chains, we identified efficiencies of £20-40m, and supported the resulting transformation.

Our work covered multiple brands, regional and head office functions and all restaurant operations. We rapidly identified savings to be achieved through labour scheduling, operational process improvement, head office cost-cutting and reducing complexity. We went on to support the client to detail, trial and implement the plans, including running the transformation PMO.

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Transforming pricing capability in online travel

Supported an online travel agent to step-change their pricing capabilities, enabling accelerated growth out of the pandemic. ​

Our work applied best-in-class standards to this recently PE-acquired business, radically upgrading capabilities, processes, and supporting systems, and leaving the client’s team well-equipped to navigate the ongoing challenges to the industry.​

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