Digital transformation for a health club chain

Mapped a new digital customer journey for a fitness group making a fundamental shift in its relationships with its customers.

We supported this international group of fitness clubs to develop, test and implement an app that lifted their engagement with customers from solely in-club interactions, to wider healthy lifestyle management. We mapped the ‘to be’ customer journey at every stage, detailing the proposition, steps to implement, and KPIs. The app trialled and successfully launched in a first territory, and was rolled out across other markets.


The global business transformation director of an international fitness group was developing an app that would fundamentally shift the customer relationship. The new app would shift the brand’s  interaction with customers  beyond the clubs to become part of a whole healthy lifestyle, as well as tracking against fitness goals, booking sessions, and engaging with content.

Our role was to map the ‘to-be’ digital lifestyle customer journey, to underpin the app’s development, starting with a prototype that had been developed by one of the markets.


Our consultants, working closely with the launch market lead and Group Business Transformation Director, began by defining the objective at every stage of the customer journey. Drawing on customer research, international comparators and our clients’ deep operating expertise, we went on to map the ‘to-be’ lifetime journey in terms of customer experience and activities, emotions and states of mind, moments of truth, and activities. They defined the organisation’s activities, roles and responsibilities as well as KPIs for each stage, and honed the plans for geographic specifics.


The local launch of the app was successful and very well received by customers. It was then adopted by other markets and rolled-out after further local market tailoring.