We work with leading companies across all sectors, from retail/consumer to industrials, healthcare, financial services, tech, media, telecoms, utilities, B2B services and public sector.


TMT (Telecoms, Media, Technology)

We serve a broad range of TMT clients, from large telcos and telco equipment providers to software and media companies, including TV production, online services and publishing. We help them drive performance improvement by providing strategy as well as transformation support, including operational efficiency, operating model re-design and digital transformation.

Related case studies

Contact centre optimisation for a telco

With a major UK Telco, we reconfigured the customer service delivery model to realise £30m savings and enhance performance.

Over 12 months, our combined client and consultant teams implemented a programme to consolidate the call centre footprint and rationalise outsourced partnerships, exit high-cost sites, and increase cross-selling and multi-branding. The rapid transition was delivered with minimal impact on customers, and left the business well-positioned to cost effectively expand their proposition.

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Integrating a family of creative companies

Designed and supported the integration of standalone companies within a key region for a global media player, unlocking significant upside in both cost and revenue.

Spanning organisation design and complex change management, our work brought a highly autonomous set of creative organisations together, preserving their individual spirit while releasing powerful synergies, and building profitable links between the region and head office.

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Digital revenue capture for a media rights holder

Enabled a television producer to unlock a substantial untapped digital revenue stream for its back catalogue of titles.

Our ground-breaking and highly technical analyses established the real, feasible opportunities in this new market as well as how to capture them, growth potential that rescued a successful sale of the business.

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Deep cost-cutting for a media company

Supported a media organisation to reduce its cost base by over 25%, enabling its successful sale.

Working in an open-book, creative and collaborative way across the business, our work penetrated through resistance and risk of rejection to successfully identify, design and deliver these significant cuts, underpinning a successful future for the company.

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Performance improvement for a high tech player

Delivered a complex and sensitive performance diagnostic for a PE-owned entity, leading to further investment and a shared way forward.

Our expert team of strategists built credibility with highly technical teams and conducted a diagnostic of cutting edge R&D entities and pipelines. The resulting recommendations would focus development, unlock group synergies, and more profitably utilise resources. Based on our granular and robust assessment, developed in close collaboration with company teams, the PE firm agreed to further investment, and the plan is now being implemented.

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Staff engagement for an academic publisher

Developed an employee engagement programme to reverse a steep decline in staff morale and satisfaction for a scientific publisher.

Working inclusively across a global staff of 2,000, we supported the client to understand the drivers of decline and develop a plan to reverse the slide, uplifting productivity and ultimately retaining more staff. Focused on the key processes of workflow and people management, we developed a comprehensive change programme now underway.

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Organisational benchmarking for a Tech multinational

For a leading global technology player, custom-benchmarked their Legal function’s organisation internationally, underpinning a major redesign.​

The central questions focused on what to deliver centrally vs locally, and on reporting lines; we developed an innovative custom benchmarking method, building beyond industry data to ensure a directly relevant, closely validated, granular view on specific competitors’ organisations along key dimensions. This validated the client’s hypotheses and formed a robust starting point for the reorganisation.​

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Transformation programme design for a B2B technology provider

Supported this tech company to rapidly detail a transformation programme to increase profits by 5-6%

In a rapid and pragmatic effort we set up a PMO and led the mapping out of initiatives, a tight prioritisation, more detailed design on priority workstreams and the technical setup of programme tracking, leaving the client set up to deliver the implementation internally.

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