Organisational benchmarking for a Tech multinational

For a leading global technology player, custom-benchmarked their Legal function’s organisation internationally, underpinning a major redesign.​

The central questions focused on what to deliver centrally vs locally, and on reporting lines; we developed an innovative custom benchmarking method, building beyond industry data to ensure a directly relevant, closely validated, granular view on specific competitors’ organisations along key dimensions. This validated the client’s hypotheses and formed a robust starting point for the reorganisation.​


In preparation for a major reorganisation, the Head of Legal of a leading multinational technology player engaged us to benchmark his organisation against comparable legal functions, on size, cost and structure – with a particular interest in reporting lines and what is central vs in-country. 

While there was benchmarking data available through third party specialist providers, it would take an innovative, highly customised approach to ensure  benchmarks provided the relevant and detailed competitor information required to drive decisions. 


Working closely with our client, we selected competitors to benchmark and agreed key dimensions for comparison, taking into account differences of sector, scale, geography, risk exposure, concentration, and the scope of what is defined within ‘legal’. 

We then took a two-pronged approach, first performing analyses on datasets provided by a specialized benchmark data provider, and secondly using advanced LinkedIn searches to map the relevant competitor legal departments. Expert interviews with former employees of the key comparators validated and fine-tuned the detail of these findings. 


Our pinpoint-relevant intelligence and analysis provided the client with robustly valid benchmarks, and defined competitor structures down to the finest detail, including individual locations, roles and names. 

The work validated the function’s current costs and structure and the client’s hypotheses as to the way forward, providing critical information for the organisational redesign.