Contact centre optimisation for a telco

With a major UK Telco, we reconfigured the customer service delivery model to realise £30m savings and enhance performance.

Over 12 months, our combined client and consultant teams implemented a programme to consolidate the call centre footprint and rationalise outsourced partnerships, exit high-cost sites, and increase cross-selling and multi-branding. The rapid transition was delivered with minimal impact on customers, and left the business well-positioned to cost effectively expand their proposition.


Our client, a major telco with a history of customer service issues, lacked an effective and cost efficient customer service delivery model. They were handling higher volumes than benchmarks, with most interaction transactional, low value and/or avoidable, and spread across a fragmented estate.

The impact was showing in agent training and lack of disseminated best practice, in their ability to manage change successfully, and in customer satisfaction, as well as in their costs.


In 3 phases over 12 months, we supported the client to reconfigure the customer service delivery model.

We developed plans to consolidate the call centre site footprint and outsourced partnerships, exit the highest cost sites, and increase cross-selling and multi-branding.

Our combined client and consultant teams then implemented a series of restructuring and tendering workstreams to deliver: a clear path to annual cost savings of £30m+, the successful exit of 3 sites and 3 outsourcing partnerships, a selection process for replacement outsourcers, and the repositioning of two further in-house sites.


Transition to the new customer service target operating model was successful, with change completed to challenging timescales and with minimal impact on customers. This was achieved with no disruption to ongoing call reduction initiatives.

As a result, the business achieved its £30m cost saving target and was well-positioned to deliver future proposition expansion cost effectively.