Digital revenue capture for a media rights holder

Enabled a television producer to unlock a substantial untapped digital revenue stream for its back catalogue of titles.

Our ground-breaking and highly technical analyses established the real, feasible opportunities in this new market as well as how to capture them, growth potential that rescued a successful sale of the business.


Our client was the Chief Commercial Officer of an international media business weighed down with faltering profitability and heavy debts.

He believed there was a sizeable untapped digital revenue stream to be built off their vast back catalogue of properties, but the traditional sales and marketing team were operating in a silo separate from digital, and their rights management system was not able to support the insights or planning required to capture this new market.


Our team of media specialists partnered with a firm of data scientists to develop a technically sophisticated tool that proved our client’s hypothesis. We quantified grounded, realistic capturable sales opportunities amounting to a £35 million uplift in revenue, and detailed the plans for how to exploit them.

Buy-in required us to bridge significant cultural change in an organisation hitherto structured around traditional sales and marketing techniques, and eventually drove the merger of the digital and analogue sales teams, breaking down longstanding barriers (and even a literal wall) between them.


With digital and traditional sales now working together, our client put the plans into action.

And as we concluded our project, this growth potential turned the tide on a faltering deal to sell the company.