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Engineering, Construction & Real Estate

We serve the property market from engineering and construction through to property and facilities management. Our clients include some of Europe’s largest construction firms and the manufacturers and service companies who supply them, as well as global and local property companies. Climate change is transforming this industry – from design to materials, construction and managment – presenting challenges and opportunities in terms of innovation, cost management, and growth, with digital transformation compounding the pace of this change.

Related case studies

Sustainable engineering for a construction major

Supported a construction multinational’s route to market in Design for Manufacture and Assembly, at the leading edge of sustainable construction.

DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) has cost and carbon advantages over traditional construction methods. Our work assessed the future shape and direction of the industry to determine how the client could build on a bold investment in manufacturing capability to optimise their participation in the value chain. We then supported them to implement the strategy across their organisation, processes, and capabilities.

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Efficiency improvement in building materials trading

Supported a building materials trading company to restructure a failing back office efficiency programme, delivering savings ahead of target.

Our restructured programme unlocked blockages by sequencing three consecutive streams, to first centralise functions, then harmonise and optimise processes, and finally automate manual process steps. The programme is on target to deliver 20-40% FTE reductions across finance departments, with our continued support.

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Global turnaround strategy in building supplies

Rapidly delivered a global turnaround strategy for a builders merchant that ultimately trebled its share price.​

Our focused and pragmatic work, spanning 52 businesses in differing market conditions around the globe, delivered a clear blueprint for the company’s restructuring, and the client’s successful execution returned them to profitable growth. ​

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Accelerated the transition to timber construction in Europe

Supported the launch of an NGO dedicated to accelerating the timber building transformation in Europe.

On behalf of a family foundation focused on fighting climate change and social inequality by inspiring industry to harness its power for good and now turning its attention to the building industry, we developed the prospective NGO’s proposition, the investment proposal for funders, the operating model and the implementation plan, and went on to support their successful launch. ​

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Commercial due diligence in construction

For a Dutch PE client, completed a CDD on a target in residential real estate maintenance/renovations

Our team validated the market forecast and attractiveness, identified purchase criteria, and assessed the target’s performance; the resulting report supported the deal being greenlit by our client, financed by lenders, and successfully executed.

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