We serve leading companies across the globe on their most pressing issues, from strategy to transformation. Our strategy work includes growth, digital, sustainability and M&A, and our transformation work encompasses operational performance improvement, organisation, and commercial effectiveness. We work with clients to answer the 'what' and the 'how', and to help them make it happen.


Strategy Review

We work with major corporates around the world on their strategic reviews and with leading PE firms and their portfolio companies on their 100 day plans and VCPs. Together we identify growth opportunities and turnaround plans, prioritizing initiatives and investments and turning these into implementable plans.

Strategic reviews and planning only work when they are truly owned by management. The experience of our independent consultants in both line roles and consulting means that they bring a pragmatic and collaborative approach to the work, as well as their deep relevant expertise, complementing our clients’ knowledge and experience. Our clients tell us that we deliver strategies that they own, but that they couldn’t have developed without our support.

Related case studies

Pensions strategy for a leading European insurer

Reviewed this major insurer’s pensions strategy in light of an anticipated and undefined regulatory overhaul, equipping it for every scenario.

We worked closely with management to develop regulatory reform scenarios and the strategic implications of each. This culminated in a series of ‘no regret moves’ and action plans to follow in each of four possible scenarios as more clarity emerged on the reforms, resulting in our client being well-prepared as the reforms played out.

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Rollup acquisitions for a PE-owned benchmarking provider

Assessed a new market opportunity for a cost benchmarking company in the automotive sector, leading rapidly to making acquisition approaches.

Our client foresaw new growth opportunities working with automotive OEMs as they shift their R&D focus to electric and autonomous driving vehicles. Building a thorough understanding of competitor strategies, evolving customer needs and the changing dynamics in the automotive sector, we validated the client’s hypothesis about the attractiveness of creating a new service offer and defined where to play, ultimately identifying two acquisition targets, conducting diligence, and building a high-level integration plan.

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Growth strategy in consumer finance

For a retail bank’s Consumer Finance division, we developed a strategy focused on innovative product opportunities to grow share in target markets.​

As an integrated project team we worked with the client to identify the opportunities and detailed requirements for success, primarily in cards and asset financing, which led to fast product prototyping and piloting, and investments in key product areas to drive share gains in target markets.​

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Value creation in home appliance aftercare

Developed an ambitious value creation plan with a PE-backed insurance player, transforming every aspect of the customer journey and set to deliver a £65m increase in EBITDA.​

Working hand in hand with the executive committee and a dedicated client team, we developed an ambitious and achievable plan focused initially on digital transformation and cost reduction to create a scalable foundation for growth; the plan has already delivered sharply improved customer satisfaction as well as the targeted cost savings.​

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Strategic review for an applied science organisation

For a publicly-funded scientific research organisation, developed a strategy to stem losses through enhanced risk management and operational excellence. ​

Working in a hypothesis-led and rigorously evidenced process, we developed the new strategy and implementation plans in collaboration with staff at all levels, building buy-in as well as a clear new direction.

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3-year strategic plan in digital education

For a leading international digital education platform, supported a new leadership team to develop a successful 3-year strategy.​

​Working closely with the CEO and his teams, we rapidly defined the strategy and supporting initiatives to deliver it, engaging throughout the business to ensure a shift to close alignment with a mission that combined commercial impetus with a strong educational purpose. The client has gone on to successfully implement the first stage of the plans and is ahead of target on a host of initiatives.​

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International growth acceleration in B2B software

Supported an international tech-helpdesk software developer to accelerated growth through better-targeted expansion and product development. ​

Working in close collaboration with client teams across highly entrepreneurial and autonomous country organisations, we defined a unified, “biggest bang for our buck” growth path that would shift behaviours and successfully focus commercial and development efforts.

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5-year strategy for a Dutch grid operator

For a major Dutch gas and electricity distributor, defined a 5-year strategy sharply focused on enabling the nation’s transition to clean and sustainable energy.​ ​

Embraced by the board and key stakeholders, our jointly developed strategy has redefined the organisation’s overarching priorities, enabling continued delivery of engineering excellence and efficiency while investing to bridge the path to a low carbon world. ​

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