Growth strategy in consumer finance

For a retail bank’s Consumer Finance division, we developed a strategy focused on innovative product opportunities to grow share in target markets.​

As an integrated project team we worked with the client to identify the opportunities and detailed requirements for success, primarily in cards and asset financing, which led to fast product prototyping and piloting, and investments in key product areas to drive share gains in target markets.​


As part of its triennial review cycle, we worked with the Consumer Finance division of a major UK high street bank to develop their 5-year growth strategy, focused on further enhancing their market leading positions in some product areas and closing the share gap in others. 

The aim was to meet the holistic financing needs of existing and potential customers by innovating in product and proposition development. 


The work looked both at growing the existing business model in credit cards and asset finance, and at ways to meet consumer finance needs more broadly. 

We worked as an integrated project team to assess the market, competitors, customer needs, the economics, and internal capabilities, as well as the IT, organisational and people requirements to capture opportunities. 

Building on customer insights and drawing on innovations in other markets around the world, the work identified significant opportunities for game changing innovations to meet relevant customer needs.


The business signed off on the proposed strategy and required investments, with the ambition to grow their consumer finance market share by 3-5 percentage points over 5 years and achieve market leadership in their chosen segments. They approved a raft of innovative products and propositions, and plans for rapid prototyping and piloting were launched.