5-year strategy for a Dutch grid operator

For a major Dutch gas and electricity distributor, defined a 5-year strategy sharply focused on enabling the nation’s transition to clean and sustainable energy.​ ​

Embraced by the board and key stakeholders, our jointly developed strategy has redefined the organisation’s overarching priorities, enabling continued delivery of engineering excellence and efficiency while investing to bridge the path to a low carbon world. ​


With a largely refreshed leadership team facing the spiralling challenges of the energy transition, our client needed this routine strategy review to be far from routine.

They wanted an outside-in perspective, relentless objectivity, and a thoroughgoing, structured approach, while retaining complete ownership of the process and findings.


By design, our expert team of consultants worked as an integral part of the internal strategy team, harnessing and complementing the client’s abundance of sector and technical expertise. 

Sharply future-focused, we brought relevant external analogies together with the company’s vision and ideas. This led to the definition of major trade-offs and choices, which we worked through in a series of senior management and Board working sessions in an iterative process.


The underlying shift was substantial: an updated vision and strategy, with the energy transition at its heart, and a sharp focus on the network quality required to deliver it. The Board and stakeholders wholeheartedly embraced the strategy, and the organization is now driving it forward, with a new overarching performance objective against which all strategic initiatives are managed and measured.