International growth acceleration in B2B software

Supported an international tech-helpdesk software developer to accelerated growth through better-targeted expansion and product development. ​

Working in close collaboration with client teams across highly entrepreneurial and autonomous country organisations, we defined a unified, “biggest bang for our buck” growth path that would shift behaviours and successfully focus commercial and development efforts.


Our client is a global player in service management software and an early trendsetter in their area. They face increasing competition from well-funded tech companies who expand their broader and more elaborate solutions into our client’s niche, impacting commercial success while stretching product development capacity. We supported the Board on a journey to identify where our client truly has the winning proposition, to enable significantly accelerating growth. 


We worked in a fully integrated consultant-client team to critically assess the company’s proposition and market opportunity, and to come to a relentlessly focused growth path to target marketing, sales and development investments. Our work covered a thorough growth and competitive assessment of the business across geographies, industries and product variants, identification of the most attractive growth areas, and clearly defined growth scenarios and choices.


The work delivered a compelling, grounded growth strategy with a ruthless focus on lagging geographies, and on businesses with the highest growth potential and feasibility. Our ‘simple and effective’ product & service proposition steered away from ‘big shiny objects’ where investment would not pay off. 

Well-supported throughout the organization, the strategy was implemented by the Board and top team, who also reshaped management structures and financial reporting to ensure tighter execution of the strategy.