We serve leading companies across the globe on their most pressing issues, from strategy to transformation. Our strategy work includes growth, digital, sustainability and M&A, and our transformation work encompasses operational performance improvement, organisation, and commercial effectiveness. We work with clients to answer the 'what' and the 'how', and to help them make it happen.


Digital Transformation

We work with forward thinking multinationals and PE portfolio companies to transform their businesses by leveraging digital technologies. Through digital transformation, we drive new ventures, transform the go-to-market approach and customer experience, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of underlying operations.

Our independent consultants bring experience from both digital natives and large incumbents; they take a data-first approach, with inspiration from relevant external insights and approaches. Drawing on their rich experience, our consultants are able to bring our clients’ teams along on the change journey to realise concrete impact.

Related case studies

Transforming digital services in consumer health

Supported a consumer health products player to develop and integrate D2C digital health services

Working closely with a client team, we developed a focused strategy to build on existing innovations in digital solutions with clear choices on where to play, how to win, and the operating model changes required, underpinning competitive strength and sustainable growth.

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Digital transformation for a health club chain

Mapped a new digital customer journey for a fitness group making a fundamental shift in its relationships with its customers.

We supported this international group of fitness clubs to develop, test and implement an app that lifted their engagement with customers from solely in-club interactions, to wider healthy lifestyle management. We mapped the ‘to be’ customer journey at every stage, detailing the proposition, steps to implement, and KPIs. The app trialled and successfully launched in a first territory, and was rolled out across other markets.

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D2C proposition for a wealth manager

With a major UK wealth manager, defined an innovative mass affluent proposition, exploiting new technology to serve a new market.

Our client had shaped a high-level approach for a new, tech-enabled D2C proposition to the mass affluent, advised retirement segment. Working closely with the group strategy team, we validated and refined their plans, building a more detailed blueprint and enabling them to gain internal and board backing for further investment.

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Data vision for an art and luxury business

With a world-leading, high-touch art and luxury business, we developed the data vision and change programme to transform the employee and client experience.​ ​

Working closely with the client, we defined a new 'Data Vision' to transform the client’s traditional, relationship-based sales organisation’s trust in data, and developed the programme required to embed the new approaches; this included designing the engagement and communications plan, the ongoing data governance structure, and the integrated roadmap to a successful implementation. ​

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Consumer data strategy in sports apparel

Worked with a leading sports apparel company to upgrade their consumer data strategy and governance, driving a step change in consumer trust, experience and loyalty. ​ ​

Drawing on internal assessment, market insight and expert inputs, we recommended practical improvements that would deliver on the brand’s aspiration to know the consumer better, optimize loyalty, and ensure leading-edge privacy protection. ​

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E-business launch for a manufacturing multinational

For this global ingredients player developed an integrated roadmap to enter a high-potential adjacent digital market, and went on to support their launch.

Following a series of farsighted investments by the client in a new and burgeoning digitally-enabled D2C market, our team developed a structured strategy and investment plan for an ambitious buildout. We went on to support their launch through piloting and the first stages of rollout.

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