Data vision for an art and luxury business

Sector: Retail

With a world-leading, high-touch art and luxury business, we developed the data vision and change programme to transform the employee and client experience.​ ​

Working closely with the client, we defined a new 'Data Vision' to transform the client’s traditional, relationship-based sales organisation’s trust in data, and developed the programme required to embed the new approaches; this included designing the engagement and communications plan, the ongoing data governance structure, and the integrated roadmap to a successful implementation. ​


The Chief Commercial Officer of a world-leading art and luxury business was working towards an ambitious plan to overhaul the way the business captured and used data. 

The challenge was to inspire a traditional high-touch and relationship-based sales organisation to value, invest in, and exploit systematically captured and widely shared information. 

A small data team had been established internally, and they were looking for support to set a bold data vision for the organisation and build a plan to implement the change. 


To define the ‘Data Vision’, we worked closely with the newly formed client data team to map core business processes, develop insight opportunities and identify dramatic ‘quick wins’ that could be landed without significant investment.  

The team designed the engagement and communications strategy to introduce and embed the new approaches, defined the ongoing data governance structure and created an integrated roadmap to implement the strategy and change, including providing detailed and ongoing coaching for project leaders around delivering the change.


Our client won broad internal buy-in to the plan, and the in-house team has successfully rolled out the first phases of the programme, including the launch of new tools used for marketing decision-making. 

Impressively, the team have adapted and continued to drive the behavioural change programme even through the extensive disruption of COVID-19, with our senior team continuing to provide light-touch coaching support.