Case studies

Transforming digital services in consumer health
Supported a consumer health products player to develop and integrate D2C digital health services
Working closely with a client team, we developed a focused strategy to build on existing innovations in digital solutions with clear choices on where to play, how to win, and the operating model changes required, underpinning competitive strength and sustainable growth.
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Far-reaching strategy for a healthcare NGO
Supported this frontline healthcare charity to define and agree the 5-year strategy to maximise their impact
Our consultants developed a focused strategy that would enable greater impact with fewer resources, through intense focus. The clear and grounded strategy was ratified by trustees and management, and is now being implemented.
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Supply chain improvement for a chemicals player
Supported a PE-owned multinational to identify significant cost savings in Warehousing and logistics operations, and to design the transformation.
Our expert team built on deep industry knowledge and detailed analysis to bottom out robust savings opportunities and design a complete transformation programme to deliver these efficiencies over 6-8 months.
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Crisis management in an industrial supply chain
Supported this chemicals producer to rapidly resolve a major operations crisis in a key warehouse in Europe.
In a paralysed warehouse that had recently gone live with a third party logistics partner, we rapidly diagnosed and addressed issues across information feeds, order prioritisation, picking, shipping and distribution, leaving a smoothly functioning operation and a restored collaboration between our client and their logistics partner.
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Organisation redesign for an agribusiness player
Supported this multinational to design and implement a reorganisation that sharpened their focus and streamlined their decision-making.
We developed a top-level (CEO-2) organisational redesign with the executive team and oversaw granular detailing by function and division, aligning and energising a fatigued organisation behind substantial change.
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Transformation programme design for a B2B technology provider
Supported this tech company to rapidly detail a transformation programme to increase profits by 5-6%
In a rapid and pragmatic effort we set up a PMO and led the mapping out of initiatives, a tight prioritisation, more detailed design on priority workstreams and the technical setup of programme tracking, leaving the client set up to deliver the implementation internally.
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E-business launch for a manufacturing multinational
For this global ingredients player developed an integrated roadmap to enter a high-potential adjacent digital market, and went on to support their launch.
Following a series of farsighted investments by the client in a new and burgeoning digitally-enabled D2C market, our team developed a structured strategy and investment plan for an ambitious buildout. We went on to support their launch through piloting and the first stages of rollout.
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Industry-wide sustainability review for a mining company
Reviewed sustainability approaches across the jewellery value chain for a major industry report, on behalf of this leading player
We combined qualitative market analysis on the supply side with the client’s consumer research to provide definitive insights on developments in sustainability across the sector. The published report bolstered our clients’ mission and helped build the case for sustainable working across the industry.
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Pensions strategy for a leading European insurer
Reviewed this major insurer’s pensions strategy in light of an anticipated and undefined regulatory overhaul, equipping it for every scenario.
We worked closely with management to develop regulatory reform scenarios and the strategic implications of each. This culminated in a series of ‘no regret moves’ and action plans to follow in each of four possible scenarios as more clarity emerged on the reforms, resulting in our client being well-prepared as the reforms played out.
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M&A strategy for a composite insurance company
For a European composite insurance company, developed an M&A strategy that enabled them to capture a market leading position.
Our team worked closely with the client’s Strategy and M&A heads to shape an acquisition strategy underpinned by strategic analysis per business line, the evaluation of alternative strategic scenarios, and prioritised target lists for each scenario. The result was a shared strategy that the client went on to execute with great success.
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