Organisation redesign for an agribusiness player

Supported this multinational to design and implement a reorganisation that sharpened their focus and streamlined their decision-making.

We developed a top-level (CEO-2) organisational redesign with the executive team and oversaw granular detailing by function and division, aligning and energising a fatigued organisation behind substantial change.


This multinational had been through a series of reorganisations resulting in significant fatigue, and was now gearing up to drive a new set of changes.

As part of an earlier strategy review, we had identified a need to simplify, delayer, and address specific bottlenecks that were impeding focus and decisionmaking. We were now tasked with supporting the client in agreeing the new top-level structure, and then with completing the organisational redesign at a sufficiently granular level to enable implementation.


First we engaged key stakeholders in the board and divisions in discussing the biggest areas for change, specifying the major bottlenecks and issues.

Our team of organisational specialists and analysts then defined options and facilitated the board through a structured process to select the changes and delineate the resulting design and governance.

We went on to specify the selected designs in detail against different time horizons. In a second phase we oversaw the PMO to detail implementation plans workstream by workstream.


With stakeholders aligned behind the plans, and the implementation programme well-defined, the new organisation went live as scheduled. Our clients cited our team’s objectivity, robust detailing and relentless focus on the holistic picture as key factors in setting up the the transition for success.