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Consulting redefined

Eden McCallum has pioneered a model of management consulting that gives clients and consultants what they really want: great quality projects, flexibility in terms of how they work, and at a price that delivers good value.

Astute clients

Our clients know what they want to achieve. They choose to work with us to tackle their most pressing business issues, rather than outsourcing the problem. They include a third of the FTSE 100, a third of the world’s largest private equity firms, and 50 of the global Fortune 500.

Committed consultants

We choose from among the best consultants in the world and they choose us. We provide them with the opportunities to work with the most interesting clients and colleagues. As independent consultants, they have control and flexibility over the projects they do.

Client Perspectives

  • “The Eden McCallum uniqueness is that they are agile, pragmatic, and much more focused – in my experience – on the client…”
  • “I think that’s a big advantage from Eden McCallum: that they don’t bring in problems, but they solve problems…”
  • “The quality of consultancy is as good as the quality of the consultant, and Eden McCallum has the best consultants in the industry…”