We serve leading companies across the globe on their most pressing issues, from strategy to transformation. Our strategy work includes growth, digital, sustainability and M&A, and our transformation work encompasses operational performance improvement, organisation, and commercial effectiveness. We work with clients to answer the 'what' and the 'how', and to help them make it happen.


Commercial Effectiveness

We work with B2B and B2C companies around the world on top line growth through optimised commercial effectiveness, including marketing, pricing and sales.

Our hybrid teams marry our senior independent consultants’ frontline commercial experience and broad consulting toolkits with the analytical firepower of our in-house analysts. We work in close cooperation with our clients to first measure and baseline, then identify and design improvements based on thorough data analysis and industry best practice. We often continue to work with our clients through implementation, delivering lasting impact.

Related case studies

Digital revenue capture for a media rights holder

Enabled a television producer to unlock a substantial untapped digital revenue stream for its back catalogue of titles.

Our ground-breaking and highly technical analyses established the real, feasible opportunities in this new market as well as how to capture them, growth potential that rescued a successful sale of the business.

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Sales optimisation for an office services player

Developed a detailed strategy to double gross margin in a key customer category for this provider of B2B document management solutions.

For the client’s commercial customers, based on contract and financial analysis as well as customer insight, we developed a pragmatic customer segmentation, and tailored value propositions. The strategy would double the gross margin generated by commercial customers, improving value per sale, volume of sales, salesforce productivity and cost per unit of sales.

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Distribution optimisation for a global biotech firm

Assessed optimal pharma distribution models across key markets for a global biotech firm, enabling new partnerships and renegotiations.​ ​

For our client, a rare disease biotech nearing end-of-contract with its local distribution partners in several Middle Eastern and African markets, we evaluated the best distribution models per market, and determined the range of market rates for different types of distribution services. This supported the client to optimise its models in each market, including renegotiating compensation terms, and replacing partners. ​

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Packaging and pricing for a B2C online learning provider

Developed a pricing and packaging strategy to fuel profitable growth for a B2C online learning provider recently acquired by a PE firm.​ ​

We supported a client team to develop a new model for this K-12 education provider that would enhance conversion and extension rates, improve cross-selling and upselling, and better align price with value delivered. Based on our customer and competitor insight and analyses, we developed a good-better-best model set to drive significant new user growth and lift average revenue per user by 2% a year.​

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Sales effectiveness in specialty chemicals

Supported a specialty chemicals manufacturer in optimising their sales operations to deliver ambitious growth. ​

Our work, across an international group of hitherto highly autonomous sales operations, step-changed commercial excellence globally, including new customer segmentation and targeting methodology, consistent ways of working, reorganised teams, and sharpened KPIs. ​

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Transforming pricing capability in online travel

Supported an online travel agent to step-change their pricing capabilities, enabling accelerated growth out of the pandemic. ​

Our work applied best-in-class standards to this recently PE-acquired business, radically upgrading capabilities, processes, and supporting systems, and leaving the client’s team well-equipped to navigate the ongoing challenges to the industry.​

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