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Chris Tchen
Client Director, UK

Chris has over 35 years of strategy and operational improvement experience, and particular expertise in innovation and growth within consumer and technology-led businesses. He also works extensively in other sectors, recently including leisure and consumer goods.

Having begun his career with Bain in London, Chris went on to MAC Group/Gemini Consulting where he was ultimately a Vice President, leading large client and consulting teams in projects focused on strategy and transformation; clients spanned telecoms, financial services, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. He went on to lead growth and innovation consultancy Strategos in Europe.

Chris has worked with Eden McCallum as an independent consultant for over 15 years. In particular he has worked extensively at the interface of technology change and customer behaviour, notably in broadcast media, information services, and in sustainability. He is chairman of Carbon Limiting Technologies, an early stage clean tech incubator and also sits on the management committee of the Clean Growth Fund , a UK cleantech VC.