Consultant perspectives

Aimée Pitman

“When you have a really experienced team – and Eden McCallum is very good at putting the right people together – you make things happen more quickly. We’re more hypothesis driven than ‘boil the ocean.”

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Tobias Vetter

“Getting to solve a problem or identify new opportunities for a client is hugely interesting and rewarding, especially when you see that your recommendations are implemented.”

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Maria Kinkina

“One of my fears when I left Bain was, oh, you’re not going to grow professionally… but I feel like at Eden McCallum I don’t need to make that tradeoff, because of the people I have met and the projects I have done.”

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Mike Brady

“If I think about the type of team that I am typically involved in, it’s a team of grown-ups…. to the client it makes a difference in two ways, I’d say: one way is in terms of quality of client interaction – an Eden McCallum team drops onto client site and can gel with the management team very, very quickly. The other element is the practicality and pragmatism of solutions.”

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Sajni Lakhani

“One of the best things about this is that when you’re working on a project you can lean in fully, knowing that in a few weeks you’ll be able to lean back in for your children.” 

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Maurice Vakily

“Working closely with the client teams and having an immediate and tangible impact. As an independent consultant, I feel like I am part of the client organization, rather than a purely external advisor.”

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Athena McKevitt

“The Eden McCallum model really works for people like me who have experience both in the consulting and the corporate world. Most of the work that I do for Eden McCallum is heavily client-facing and to be effective it’s really important to grasp what your recommendations will mean in reality. I feel that this makes a real difference for our clients.”

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Ditlev Schwanenflugel

“A core strength of Eden McCallum is the dual talent pool experience across both top consultancies and industry. You get the rigour, analytics and rapid turnaround of professional services combined with the execution and commercial focus from corporates, typically further boosted by relevant domain experience.”

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Ben Hurdis

“We all bring different viewpoints and ideas and that makes working in a team environment dynamic and valuable – you can’t replicate that kind of thinking alone.”

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