Our NGO Partnership

Launched in 2007, Eden McCallum’s NGO Partnership has delivered over 180 pro bono consulting projects to help leading non-profit organisations develop their capabilities, improve the effectiveness of their frontline programmes, and better deliver on their missions.

Our NGO Partnership was created to leverage our most valuable asset - our consultants - and bring that talented resource to bear on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

Engaging with our communities, consultants and colleagues

The NGO Partnership gives our independent consultants and in-house analysts the opportunity to work on valuable projects that drive social and environmental impact, and where success is measured in terms of lives and landscapes touched and changed.

Our NGO Partners are non-profit organisations whose causes we passionately support and with whom we build long-term relationships which enable real impact. We collaborate on strategy, operations, organisation and transformation projects. From changing the life outcomes of the most disadvantaged young people to supporting global conservation initiatives, our pro bono work is diverse, challenging and fulfilling.

Our NGO Partners

Real impact

Over the last 15+ years, we have delivered over 180 projects for over 80 charities and charitable initiatives globally.

Our pro bono work effects real change.  From an analyst building a financial model to help a charity better plan its use of resources to a senior partner offering expert advice on strategy, board governance or organisational design, CEOs tell us time and again that our insight and recommendations lead to tangible progress and positive change.

hours donated
They flushed out the key priorities for the Board to address. Everyone has felt engaged in the process which is really important.
Alastair Pringle, CEO Venture Trust
We have been so impressed by the rigour and quality of the research and modelling work; we are left with a tool that has changed the way we approach fundraising – more targeted, efficient and effective at bringing much needed funding with less effort.
Adam Tedesco,Deputy CEO, Olive Academies
For me, being able to do this kind of work from time to time is one of the biggest advantages of working on a freelance basis.
Lynn Woods Strang, Consultant
Working with such committed clients and teammates makes the work immensely rewarding and satisfying, and the charities are wonderfully appreciative of our support. After every engagement I feel I have contributed to making a real difference.
Frances Mann, Consultant
...utterly professional support all provided pro bono… understanding and sensitivity and unrivalled commitment
Catherine Roche, CEO of Place2Be