Andres Burdett

Eden McCallum offers me the possibility of working on a wide range of projects, with interesting client issues to resolve. Most of the work is client facing and doesn’t stay at the strategic level, often moving to implementation. The talent, the knowledge base and working environment are great, meaning you end each project with better skills than you came in with.

Anthony Wronkowitz

As an independent consultant since 2010, I have always enjoyed being part of an Eden McCallum project. Every time it has felt like a revival of some of the best projects I have had in my 8 years at McKinsey: Great client and consultant teams, meaningful problems to solve as well as the opportunity to work outside of my home country.

Neil Gad

The Eden McCallum model is fantastic for both clients and consultants – the right talent can be assembled on demand, to bring an amazing depth of expertise to solve the problem and create value. The talent on projects often involves consultants with a mix of consulting and corporate experience which provides a practical solution for clients. In addition, the high standard of the EM Analyst pool provides amazing support to projects. Personally, the flexibility of the independent working model also means I can balance work with family commitments easily, and flex from zero to full time when I need to.

Sajni Lakhani

It has been great working as part of an Eden McCallum consulting team. The results achieved as part of a collaborative team which has both individual excellence and great analyst prowess always produces work to be proud of.

Sam Schruers

With Eden McCallum I get to choose the projects I work on, based on where I can contribute most value, where my interests lie and how it fits with my activities as an investor. The projects are of high quality: interesting work that is high on the client’s C-level agenda. I am truly impressed with the quality of Eden McCallum’s people – from the internal support teams to the analysts they staff alongside project managers on projects – absolutely top notch!

Mary Wareing

Eden McCallum gives me opportunities to work on fascinating projects. There’s also fantastic access to a knowledge base across virtually all industries and functions. The team members I’ve been fortunate to work with have been incredibly accomplished, knowledgeable and, above all, great fun!


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Max Deacon

Eden McCallum’s unique model of combining people who bring a robust consulting approach with experts who bring deep, senior industry experience offers unparalleled value to clients. And, it makes working on the projects much more enjoyable. The day-to-day rhythm is very similar to any other major consulting firm, and the projects I have worked on at Eden McCallum have been high priority projects for some of the UK’s leading companies.

Nikolaos Legbelos

Working with Eden McCallum gives me the freedom to choose the projects that suit me and allows full focus on the project. This inevitably leads to better quality work, combined with a healthy work-life balance. Being part of exceptional teams and surrounded by great people with strong expertise has been hugely valuable.

Paul Armstrong

The quality of Eden McCallum’s projects is highly attractive. I have helped answer important, challenging and very interesting strategic questions for market leaders across the globe. In addition, the control over my time commitment and the flexibility that the Eden McCallum model offers makes a consultant lifestyle sustainable for me and my family.

Linda Staudinger

As a Senior Leader in an organization, your flexibility diminishes. Setting up my own business provides me with the possibility to choose where, with whom and when I work and helps me focus on my core expertise. Eden McCallum is a great partner enabling this with excellent clients and accomplished, brilliant experts in their network.

Ditlev Schwanenflugel

A core strength of Eden McCallum is the dual talent pool experience across both top consultancies and industry. You get the rigour, analytics and rapid turnaround of professional services combined with the execution and commercial focus from corporates, typically further boosted by relevant domain experience.


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Patrick Linnenbank

What I find is that clients are looking for a personal, hands-on, “can do” approach. As a consultant at one of the big strategy firms you are forced to move away from solving the problem to selling the next project. Working with Eden McCallum resets that balance. Their in-house partners take the lead in the proposal phase, leverage their excellent talent pool to create the best teams for the project and provide all the traditional support functions, so my focus can firmly be on the delivery of results.


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Astrid Marechal

Getting to work as an independent consultant helps you focus more on the specific problem at hand. It also allows you to deepen your your relationships and gives opportunities to coach clients on broader issues. You get a lot of respect for the expertise and experience that you bring to the table.

Athena McKevitt

The Eden McCallum model really works for people like me who have experience both in the consulting and the corporate world. Most of the work that I do for Eden McCallum is heavily client-facing and to be effective it’s really important to grasp what your recommendations will mean in reality. I feel that this makes a real difference for our clients.


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Mike Brady

If I think about the type of team that I am typically involved in, it’s a team of grown-ups…. to the client it makes a difference in two ways, I’d say: one way is in terms of quality of client interaction – an Eden McCallum team drops onto client site and can gel with the management team very, very quickly. The other element is the practicality and pragmatism of solutions.


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Aimée Pitman

On Eden McCallum projects, I am part of a great team, but less restricted by the ‘big firm’ responsibilities typical for a Partner: I don’t have a sales target, I do not have to spend time on any committees, and there is no pressure to publish articles or to formally develop other consultants outside the project team. I get to focus my time and energy on the part of consulting I love the most: working with clients on their most important issues and guiding teams of extraordinarily talented consultants to deliver great work.

Francis Smulders

Working in an Eden McCallum team allows me to achieve faster and more effective change – thanks to the experience in the client and consultant teams, and the integrated way of working together. In the end, the client really owns the outcome.

Jessica Spungin

With Eden McCallum I get to work with the best consultants on really challenging client issues, but on my terms: instead of fitting into the model, I get to fit my Eden McCallum work around the whole portfolio of professional and personal activities I’m driving forward in my life.

Diana Tan

What’s great about this model is being able to focus all my energies on solving the client’s problem, rather than spending time on the additional, internally-focused work required in traditional consulting firms. The quality of the clients and the quality of problems to be solved are as high as I’ve ever seen in my consulting career.

Chris Tchen

Working with Eden McCallum I can give my complete attention to delivering an excellent result for the client. It allows me total clarity of purpose.

Lynn Woods Strang

Working with Eden McCallum allows me to focus on projects that best fit both my skill set and my areas of interest, where I really believe I can add substantial value. Making an impact this way is really satisfying.